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5 Easy Tips to Prep for Your Manicure in Boca Raton

Manicure In Boca Raton

There’s no better feeling than getting a fresh manicure, regardless of your gender. Nothing beats the look and feel of healthier nails and hands when it’s finished, plus the little break, as it provides the opportunity to destress! But before you head to your next manicure in Boca Raton, there are some things you’ll want to know. Here are five easy tips to know beforehand so you can make your next appointment a breeze.

  1. Wash Your Hands

Hands (and nails) can take on different smells. Make the experience pleasurable for you and your manicurist by taking the time to really scrub your hands. This also helps to get rid of dirt, sweat, and any lingering bacteria.

  1. Don’t Soak Your Hands

While it may feel good to soak your hands before your manicure, this can actually be a bad thing! Soaking the nails in water causes them to bloat, which makes them expand and become extremely soft. After your manicure, your nails will shrink back to their normal size, which compromises the polish’s ability to adhere. This can lead to peeling and chipping.

  1. Exfoliate Your Cuticles

If you have dry skin, it may help to exfoliate your cuticles ahead of time. Rubbing your nails with a washcloth while using a circular motion will soften your cuticle. This makes it much easier to remove dead skin and any dirt or debris in the area.

  1. Don’t Clip Your Nails

Though you may think you’re doing your manicurist a favor by clipping your nails at home, you aren’t! Clipping your own nails often leads to an uneven cut, or even worse, cutting them too short. Your manicurist is the expert, so leave this job to them.

  1. Have a Design in Mind

Going to the salon without any color or design in mind can make your appointment take longer. Take a few minutes to find some inspiration looks that your manicurist can work with. There’s nothing worse than time picking out a polish or design. Be prepared ahead of time!

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