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Marina Livschutz


I am Marina Livschutz. More than 30 years ago, I started my career as a colorist at the top-rated salon in Chicago’s Oak Street corridor, where I met one of my co-owners of Salon 21, Richard. In 1987, I opened my first salon located in Bannockburn, a north shore suburb of Chicago. We quickly grew to a staff of 34. Within a few years, we built a new, larger salon and expanded our staff to 54. 

Over the years, I have trained many successful colorists and other salon professionals, working behind the chair and managing the salon. In 2012, I moved to Florida thinking that my salon days were over. Recently, however, I reconnected with Richard and he introduced me to our other co-owner, Rachel. With our combined experience, energy, and drive, a new venture was inevitable. Welcome to Salon 21 Boca!